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Hammered Antique Steak Knife
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Hammered Antique Steak Knife

Ideal for both adding to your Hammered Antique collection or replacing a missing piece, the Hammered Antique Steak Knife follows the classic design of the pattern. *** Heavy Gauge 18/10 Stainless Steel *** Flawless Finish and Superb Balance *** Classic *** Dishwasher Safe Reed & Barton stainless steel flatware is high quality, dishwasher safe flatware that will bring you years of enjoyment. Below are some easy care tips to follow.For best results, wash your stainless flatware before you use for the first time and promptly after each use. Avoid prolonged soaking, as the chlorine and mineral content of your water, especially iron, may cause pitting or staining.Use a gentle dishwasher detergent (avoid using lemon-scented products). Wash stainless separately from sterling or silverplated items, as pitting can occur.Place spoons and forks into baskets with handles facing downward. Knives should be inserted with the blade facing down.Remove flatware prior to the drying cycle and wipe with a soft towel. This decreases the amount of time flatware spends in a hot, moist atmosphere, and helps reduce the incidence of spotting. Should spots or stains occur, we recommend using stainless steel polish. Also, rubbing alcohol or salad oil can be used to remove stubborn water spots. Shine flatware using a sponge doused in white vinegar. While stainless steel is designed to resist most common stains, corrosion and/or discoloration may be caused due to prolonged contact with chloride rich foods such as salt, mayonnaise, mustard and eggs.To prolong the life of gold-accented flatware, hand-washing is recommended.

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09690170 Reed Barton

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